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Nesquick Container Stationery Holder FREE Printable

Did you know that Nesquick containers are the best pencil and stationery holders ever! Since my kids LOVE Nesquick, I decided to keep the containers for when I have enough to make some cool pencil holders. And the best is – they have lids too!

I used sage coloured spray paint to cover the containers in a colour that would work with my sons’ new room. I printed the pdf (do NOT fit to size in the print settings, they are set up exactly to fit the containers). I cut along the solid black lines and used double sided tape to stick it on.

You do not need to print all the pages in the PDF – pick the pages applicable to what your kids have in their stationery drawer or bags. Display your snazzy containers on a shelf.

If you like this free printable, but would like an English version, please let me know, and I will gladly create one for you. You can email directly to

Download the free printable below and please do not hesitate to send me pictures of your finished containers!

MKC KIDZ_Free Printables_Nesquick Containers
Download PDF • 8.89MB

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